Therapy for a gay mutant reborn

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Une Attraction Fatale

So, as you probably already know if you are reading this, I am gay. J'aime les hommes!

Then you probably also know how much of a shock it would be to be ordered to slam my body into a woman who has her mouth gaping wide open.

It is not my cup of tea, non?

Mais, I did it anyway. It was part of the mission, and being a loyal member to the x-men, I didn't make a fuss. The end result? I thrusted myself at her, and was rejected! Usually it's the other way around, for obvious reasons... my charm, my french-canadien accent, not to mention my good looks... but that is besides the point. I bounced off of her like a man in short shorts would off a tramp-o-line.

Alors, although I am loyal, I will say no next time. I cannot use my powers in such a way. It is... shameful to who I am. Meh... oddly enough I was attracted to this woman... with her strong features and masculine face... ... weird... I have never felt like this before... zut alors! Je ne l'aime pas! M'aidez!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Update 5 - La Nuit

I had a plentiful breakfast today. Of course, I was shackled to a chair and being fed by one of La Nuit's staff - a butler named Jeeves. But it was more than I had eaten within the past month or so.

"I made it myself." La Nuit was comfortably sitting at the other head of the table, opposite from me. The table was so long he had to shout to make sure I could hear him above his many echoes. "Do you like it?" Another green spoonful was shoved in my mouth before I could answer. "I'm sorry about the color. I only eat green foods, it's a part of my diet. I want to lose three pounds. Unfortunately, there's the side effect of being turned green, but meh, it's only a shade darker than what I was born with!" He laughed. The man next to me almost choked me with the spoon. "You aren't laughing. You do not find me funny? I hope it's just indegestion and not you being rude, after I've been so hospitable to you. Of course I make it a habit of mine to be as hospitable as I can be to ALL of my guests. Even the ones who I don't plan to keep for long. I don't recall you answer my question... do you like it?"

I managed to knock the spoon out of the man's hand. "Ummm, yes. It's very... interesting. Thanks. What's in this by the way?" Another spoonful... this time with a hint of dirt.

"Well, there's your usual green foods: celery, peppers, lettuce, grapes, etcetera. But, I also like to use things that many people throw away, such as the leafy parts of carrots, mold scraped from old cheese, freshly mowed grass, snot, and crocodile skin." I forcefully swallowed what I had in my mouth. It was hard keeping it down, the dirt taste didn't help at all.

"I think I'm full!" I said quickly sealing my mouth shut.

"Ok then. Jeeves, untie him from the chair. Jean Paul and I are going on a trip."

We walked down a long staircase. My ankles were cuffed, as well as my hands, so it wasn't possible for me to run fast, and flying without the use of my arms for balance, well that was out of the question. When we reached the bottom, I felt a push on my shoulder, and fell into a chamber.


I turned and saw Art and Berzerker in the chamber next to me.

"No talking!" With a wave of La Nuit's arm, Art's mouth was gone, replaced by a black void.

"What the hell did you do to him!?" Berzerker yelled.

"What? You mean you do not know the powers of La Nuit?"

"Never even heard of you man."

"WHAT!? You have never heard of La Nuit?" He started laughing.

"Nope." The laughing stopped.

"SILENCE!" Another wave of his hand, and another mouth replaced by the black void. "I will tell you then, since I know everything there is to know about La Nuit, being La Nuit is I! Actually, I don't have much time, so here's the skinny. I do missions for other lazy people, in this case, kidnapping Northstar, and when the mission is complete I get paid! As you can tell by my place, I do well in business! Along with my mansion, I have also bought my self a television crew and I have my own show! I LOVE having both fame AND fortune! Oh, and I have the power to create darkness. I am MADE of darkness. So, don't worry about your friend, he's fine. Just a little dark in the mouth! HAHAHAHA--AHHHHHH WHAT!? HOW!?"

"FOOL!" Shouted Art. "Too bad you've never heard of ME, or else you would have known that my power is creating solid light! It's what my sculptures are made of! Man, if only you had told me all this before! Your powers are no match against mine!" With a flash, the dark handcuffs were gone and La Nuit fell over.

"It's going to take more than just rays to hurt me!"

"Yeah!? Try THIS on for size!" He swung his arm like he was pitching a ball and a spike made of solid light flew at La Nuit and hit him in the chest. With a snap, the man exploded. Art quickly freed us and we ran upstairs and out of the dungeon. We ran outside, where we unexpectedly but very happily saw the X-Jet landing in the front yard.

Iceman, Storm, and Wolverine all jumped out. Wolverine passed us and went into the building, as Storm asked us if we were ok.

"I GOT HIM! WE'RE SAFE!" Wolverine emerged from the building with Jeeves in a headlock.

"But Loga-"

"No buts! I got him! I'm the best! Let's go!" Him and Jeeves entered the X-Jet, followed by Berzerker, Storm, and Art.

"He's such a stubborn ass sometimes" said Bobby.

"Yeah he is." I said.

"It's good to have you back JP"


"I'll race ya inside!" He ran inside the X-Jet, turned around to proclaim his victory, when I tapped him on the shoulder from inside the plane.

"Who do you think you're fooling, racing me?" We laughed. It was a Kodak Moment. A little while later I was back in New York, and finally away from everything. Sucks to be the guy who hired La Nuit... whoever that was. Huh.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Update 4 - FIGHT!

After I finished posting, I took the keyboard and smashed it against Jetstream's head. Unexpectedly he got knocked out cold and didn't get up for the rest of the fight. Sucks to be so wimpy!

"GET THEM!" Tarot yelled.

The very attractive and strong Beef... yum... took the monitor and threw it at me. With my speed I was able to dodge it in time, but it hit Kitty, who was standing behind me, square in the head. It was reminiscent of when I got stabbed, but thankfully it didn't end up in death. You see, it was a modern flat screen, so it barely did any damage, and Kitty got right back up.

I hadn't been in a battle for a while, and so I was foolishly distracted in making sure that Kitty was ok, when Beef charged at me and pinned me up against the wall. Et... Oh la la!

Ses bras forts extrêmes étaient très sexy.

J'ai voulu qu'il m'ait dominé pour les heures.

Mais... this was a battle and it wasn't the time to let ma belle langue d'amour dans ma tête get in the way. I projected some light at him. He put his hands up to his face, temporarily blinded, and I quickly got away from him as he started fumbling around the room like the blind idiot he is. He settled in a corner, crying like a baby from not being able to see.


I ran into the next room to see Kitty almost get her head chopped off with the swing of a sythe. A grim reaper was towering over her.

"Meet Death. Fun isn't he" Tarot laughed out. I started to run to Kitty's aid when Tarot opened her mouth again.

"He's not yours to play with though! EIGHT OF SWORDS!" The next thing I know eight giant swords come down from the cieling surrounding me. They were so close to me that I felt that if I even breathed too deep I would be cut.

I could hear Kitty's struggles in the background which died out by Tarot yet again. "The eight of swords. The trapped card. It must suck to be you right now, huh Northie." I was too scared to say anything in response, in fear that I would get cut.

There were more noises on Kitty's end of the room. She screamed.

"Can you hear that Northie? Sounds like your friend can't phase attacks forever! DEATH!"

I couldn't turn to see what happened, but I knew that Tarot had just summoned her grim reaper back into his tarot card.

"Poor girl. She looks like she's in so much pain. I couldn't let Death do something that I would have regretted not doing myself. But with what shall I finish her off with?... Ahhh, yes. ACE OF SWORDS! A sole sword will do the trick. Just one swing and Shadowcat says goodbye to the world... And fortunately for Northie, he will get to hear it all!"

I couldn't just stand there. I had to do something! She was going to kill Kitty! I don't care, cut or not, I HAD to move. I flew up into the air through the swords, and felt a warm sting open up my right leg. I looked down, the red sword that was stained with my blood was there, while the other swords had disappeared. I ladned and picked it up.

"No you don't Marie!" I shouted. I charged at her, sword in hand. She turned around and our swords clashed. For a few seconds we fought. Both of our inexperienced fighting skills shown through and in the end we knocked eachothers' swords out of our hands at the same time. I looked at Kitty for a second and saw her laying face down on the ground. Also having recieved a fresh cut in her back.

"Enough of this pathetic play. WORLD!" Tarot threw a card up in the air where it stopped in motion. On the card was a picture of Earth, which slowly started to come out of the card. It was so fascinating that I spent all my time watching the Earth growing larger right before us that I hadn't realized that Tarot was holding onto my arm.

Art's home disappeared and we were now pummeling towards the Earth as it got bigger and bigger the closer we got to its surface. She had the whole world inside one little card and she was using it to warp us somewhere.

We were above all of North America, then just the United States. We were getting closer and closer to the west coast, and I thought our end might be in the ocean, but we landed just outside a gigantic mansion on the beach. We were somewhere in California. By the looks of it, somewhere expensive.

"I have done my duty, and must leave you now in HIS hands. Good luck Northie. You have such a cute face, I almost feel guilty in helping you die. CHARIOT!" Yet again, another card. This time a chariot being pulled by two horses emerged and carried her away. I was alone outside of the mansion.

The door opened, and out stepped the man in green... the man who WAS green himself... La Nuit.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Update 3 - Found

About an hour ago there was a knock on our door.

As was procedure, everyone but Art took their hiding positions. From where I was, I could only hear what happened next. The door creaked open. From what I could hear the old woman at the door was looking for a sculpture to buy to decorate her foyer. Art gave her directions to his shop, saying everything of his that was for sale would be there. The door was creaking shut again when there was a large noise, Art screamed, and there was silence. A second later I hear the woman say:

"Check everywhere, the closets, under the beds, in every nook and cranny of this house. He will be here... somewhere. And take this boy to La Nuit. He'll know what to do with him."

It sounded like a bunch of men had entered. I heard footsteps getting closer to me, and I started backing up towards the back wall of the closet when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Kitty had phased through the wall. She whispered to me:

"I hope I didn't frighten you. But at times like this it's better to be a party of more than one."

The steps were just outside the closet door when there was a shout

"I FOUND ONE! I NEED BACKUP!" Uh oh... Berzerker!

The steps quickly disappeared. There were sounds of things breaking, men yelling, a gunshot, and then calm.

"Did you see the light that came from this guy!? This MUST be him. Ok, mission complete, head out boys!"

We waited until all the noise disappeared through the front door, and even then we waited some more. Slowly we emerged from the closet. Everything was overturned, projects Art had been working on were smashed to pieces, the place was completely distroyed, it was amazing our closet hadn't been touched. We headed toward the front door.

"Where do you think you two are going?" Comfortably sitting in a chair in the living quarters next to the front door, was my good friend, Merde. "Planning on running some more? You know, you can only go so far before you run into a dead end." She laughed. "You really are a stupid boy, aren't you, Northie? Almost as stupid as S.H.I.E.L.D. who didn't even realize that a Meredith Colbert, otherwise known as Marie-Ange Colbert or "Tarot" for short, wasn't even in their directory of nurses!" She laughed again. "But, to give your location in your blog? The blog I set up for you? That's even more pathetic. And to trust your safety to such a useless and untrained boy? 'Can I have a sculpture pwetty pwease!?'"

"What do you want from me, Marie?"

"Trying to be nice by using my real name, are we? It's useless with me. It's La Nuit whom is after you! And from my orders I am bound to bring you to him. But first... JETSTREAM! BEEF!" The two men that had attacked us in the hellicarrier came in. They were both holding something; Jetstream had a moniter, and Beef had a keyboard. "Here's a computer, BLOG!"

And that's what I did.


Tune in next time to see what happens... if there IS a next time! AHHHHHHHHH

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Update 2 - Safe for now

Salut, mes amis! We are safe.

I see that not many of you got my first update, which is probably a good thing. After writing it I realized how much worry I might have instilled in the people who are my friends and who read this. The last thing I want to do is distract people with my burdens. I am writing now to tell you that I am safe, for the time being. Knock on wood. Hehe.

Donc, because I now have not much to do but watch the news and be on the lookout, I might as well update you on the occurences over the past... ooh la la... 40 hours since the breakout!

A couple hours after my entry about the dream, I had a visitor.

Kitty Pryde came to give her apologies to me, and asked for my forgiveness. She felt responsible for my death, with good reason. I told her to forget about it. It was over and done with. I told her about my situation and that I was scared about possible recaptures by the hand, and after some persuasion she reluctantly agreed to help me escape and bring me back to Xavier's school. We were about to leave when there was a knock on my door and in steps Merde with my nightly tranq.

You see, ever since my second night there (after I had been debrainwashed) the evil side in me took over while I was sleeping (I don't remember this, but Merde informed me of it and since I trust her I believe it did happen) and ever since then I was permanently locked in my room and given tranquilizers at night to keep me dormant in my sleep, until treatment was done.

Merde got angry when she saw I had a visitor so late at night. With the help of two men she got rid of Kitty and was about to force the tranq upon me when Kitty phased back into my room, stuck the tranq in Merde's neck, and knocked the other two men unconscious. Kitty asked if I was fit to fly, and I said yes. Before I could ask why, she grabbed my arm and we phased through the floor.

Where I expected dirt to be, there was air. We were a mile high, above New York City, falling from my chamber in the sky. Unknown to me I had been put into one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hellicarriers for my treatment. We were only in the air for a couple of seconds when we had to land because of my being weak. We hadn't even completely touched down on the ground when I first saw the man in green running towards us, shooting at us with some kind of gun. We ducked into the sewers. Trying to lose the mystery man in the sewers' maze of pipes we came across the town the morlocks had once inhabited but abandoned after the Morlock Massacre.

We ran into Berzerker who had been assumed dead, but was now living on his own there. We ducked into his place, which of course was nicely charged with electricity, and hid. It was there I used his computer to make my last post. We had unsuccessfully lost the mystery man, who turned up moments later. We barely escaped before the man blew up Berzerker's place. With the aid of Berzerker the three of us got out of the sewers undedected. We are sure that the man in green believed to have killed us and we were about to head to Westchester, but just to be safe we decided to hideout elsewhere.

Kitty knew of a place where we could be safe. She had helped a friend and fellow mutant named Larry Bodine stage his suicide many years ago so he could disappear from society. He now goes by the alias Art and makes a living selling his beautiful sculptures that he makes with his mutant abilities. We are here for the time being, until we can be sure that the man isn't following us anymore.

I have spent last night and most of today here, and so far there's no sign of the man, or any news of our deaths, I can't tell if it's safe yet. I will keep you, my friends, updated.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Update 1

I don't have much time, so I have to make this quick.

I have escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. with the aid of the reluctant Kitty Pryde.

Details will come later. I can't say where I am at the moment, since I am constantly on the move. I am being followed by a mystery man in green that I believe to be a member of Hydra. I thought the whereabouts of my recovery were being kept secret, so I believe there was someone from the inside sending Hydra information.

I will tell you more tomorrow if I have time.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Joanne... I miss you

I had a dream last night.

Joanne was in my room here at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. She was a young lady, et tres belle aussi. She had been alive all this time! When I had noticed she was there, she ran up to my bedside, hugged me, and started crying. Whenever I asked her how it was that she was alive, she wouldn't answer me and she would change the subject. She told me that it didn't matter.

She told me that she was scared to see me after so many years of growing up and hiding from me. She told me that after she heard I had died, she wished for me to come back so she could let me know the truth; that she actually was not dead like I had thought her to be. When she found out that I was alive again, and in recovery here, she came as soon as she could. She wanted to have a relationship like we could have had if she hadn't died. She wanted to go for ice cream. Mais, I am new to this place. I don't know where to go. Joanne became angry, yelling to go with her, "We don't need to go for ice cream, just walk outside your door with me! That's all you need to do! Walk outside your door!"

I kept asking her how she was alive, and she got more and more mad and at the same time I thought I saw another tear stream down her eyes. I dismissed the thought, thinking it was just the light bouncing off her already tear-drenched face. Finally, she told me. She had been resurrected by the hand, and they had given her medicine for her illness in return for her loyalty. She was here for me. THEY were here for me and were waiting just outside my door. The people who turned me against my only friends in life.

She was ma petite fille, my little girl... but at the same time she wasn't. She wasn't MINE anymore. I could have gotten out of this hellhole if I went with her, but I couldn't let myself do that. Alors... I used my powers, although I was still weak and only half through with my recovery. I grabbed hold of Joanne, and as fast as I could I ran out of the room. I used what strength I had to create a blinding light so THEY couldn't see where I was going, but it didn't last long and all of my energy was used up. I had to let go of Joanne, and I started falling over. I couldn't stand anymore. THEY were coming up behind me, me lying helplessly on the floor gasping for more energy, for more air. They were going to make me one of them again. PAS ENCORE. I don't want to be like THEM AGAIN! MERDE!


I woke up trembling in my therapist's arms. I was wanting to be out of this damn place. THEY can find me here. I just KNOW they can and I KNOW they're looking. I can just FEEL it. I'm going to try to break out of here as soon as possible, if S.H.I.E.L.D. likes it or not. I'd rather be back dealing with Loa and the rest of my difficult students in the Alpha Squadron in Westchester than be here any longer! Now, i just need a plan.

Wish me luck!